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Van Doorn Lighting is an innovative and creative all-round professional in lighting solutions.
Technique, experience and creativity are the core values that characterise Van Doorn Lighting and we take pride in them. Whether you are an architect, advisor or electrical installer, our values enable us to work in close collaboration and find the right lighting solution for each project. We offer decorative, functional, shape enhancing and sustainable lighting solutions.
We like to keep you informed about new developments at Van Doorn Lighting. Our newsletter offers information on specific projects or products, custom made possibilities and research.
The newsletter goes out every two months via e-mail and gives an overview of news items with links to our website, where you can find more details.  

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Van DOORN Lighting | Bellweg 10 | 4104 BJ Culemborg | P.O. Box 5  4100AA Culemborg The Netherlands | T. +31 (0) 345-51 23 47 | F. +31 (0) 345-51 23 85
E-mail vdc@vdc.nl

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