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Van Doorn Lighting is an innovative and creative all-round professional in lighting solutions.  

Our team consists of highly qualified people specialised in different fields. We work with designers and technical staff with a middle or high professional educational background on the one hand and, in production, with very skilled labourers, such as benchmen, welders, CNC-operators, paint sprayers and assembly workers.
Naturally we also employ salespeople (external and internal sales staff) and people in administrative functions.

Currently we have no vacancies.

However, we are always interested in new talent!
If you would you like to join our team, please send your CV, motivation and, if available, your portfolio to vdc@vdc.nl  

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Van DOORN Lighting | Bellweg 10 | 4104 BJ Culemborg | P.O. Box 5  4100AA Culemborg The Netherlands | T. +31 (0) 345-51 23 47 | F. +31 (0) 345-51 23 85
E-mail vdc@vdc.nl

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