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Van Doorn Lighting, 75 years of progress!

Van Doorn has been offering lighting solutions since 1937. The first few years we produced decorative luminaires, chandeliers, table lamps and desk lamps for home and office. We were a metal processing factory where products were sprayed and assembled entirely in-house. In 1955, our family business had expanded considerably and moved into a then super modern building that was designed with its employees' well being in mind. The large floor to ceiling windows made it a very pleasant, brightly lit working environment. It was at this location that Van Doorn Lighting gradually progressed from a manufacturer of decorative interior lighting products and incandescent bulbs to a manufacturer of neon light tubes for utility projects. The modern Van Doorn was born.   After another move to new premises in 2009, the company was given a new impulse. The flexibility of our equipment, our employees' expertise and our creative and practically oriented innovative power has allowed us to play an important part in many projects.

Van Doorn Lighting today
Today, Van Doorn Lighting is an innovative and creative all-round professional in lighting solutions. In close collaboration with our designer, our advisor, our electrical installer and the client, we create a lighting solution that does justice to the space, its function and to the building as a whole, in such a way that the structure really stands out.
We listen carefully to our customers in order to accommodate their wishes and translate these into solutions. We dedicate a lot of attention to technical requirements and demands, installation techniques and sustainability. Our skills and expertise are highly appreciated abroad as well.

Solution-driven innovation is our company's main feature. We were the first to produce AIM-LED and GEISON sealed-for-life luminaires for façade lighting with a life span of >60,000 hours.   Recurring themes at Van Doorn Lighting are:

Sustainability seems synonymous with LED. However, we always consider a wider scope of possibilities to find solutions that are truly sustainable and environmentally friendly. LEDs are modern light sources that are a perfect fit in many situations. We always look at the wider scope of both your wishes and requirements and the characteristics of the light source to come up with a custom made proposal. Lighting determines the energy consumption of buildings and installations for many years to come. 

Securing sustainability is synonymous with sustainable projecting. 
Based on the present environmental insights, project planning that involves a minimum use of materials and the most efficient use of energy requires commitment and a great sense of responsibility. At Van Doorn Lighting we have embraced this responsibility, always taking into account the following when designing products and lighting installations:

After 10 to 15 years, many buildings get another function or they are adapted to current requirements. Our role in renovation is to make a new, sustainable lighting plan that is energy efficient. 

A new chance for sustainable solutions.  

This is illustrated in the way we are able to produce custom made housing for luminaires, so existing constructions can be maintained. 

Example: NS railway platforms at Amsterdam RAI. 

- An improved lighting installation that meets the present requirements of ProRail. 
- Biodynamic controls for true lighting comfort and energy efficiency.
- The luminaires are fitted into the existing ceilings.

Beautiful design
We produce beautifully designed products in close collaboration with architects and with our own industrial designers. This collaboration has led to the design of the VELO, the PIGNE, and the AURA, and it formed the starting point for the renovation process of the Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp. We contribute to designing the desired form and shape, but more importantly, we develop achievable, practical products.

Light and health
This subject can be addressed from different perspectives:

Shift work, for example for people who work at chemical plants, power plants, or in healthcare and who need to be fit at night time. The GOIRNO provides extra light that suppresses the sleep hormone and improves performance. 

Therapy for people suffering from depression.
In Northern Europe, light therapy has become widely accepted as a standard treatment. It's usually utilised on a daily basis with MEDILUM for approximately one hour.  
Improvement for disrupted wake-sleep rhythm for people who no longer or very seldom go outside. BIOSUN forms a unique solution.  

Improvement of the learning performance in schools. Extra light in the early morning improves learning, while the right light colour improves the attention span.  

Custom made
Custom made products are at the heart of our company. When taking on new projects we first develop optics and 3D light plans, visualisations and drawings. Sometimes a model is made in preparation of production. After the drawings and/or models have been approved, we commence production of the new lighting fixtures. FLYER was designed for the existing railway platforms of ProRail. Many products that were originally custom made have eventually, after some improvements, been incorporated in our standard programme.  

Vandal proof
For a large number of public areas that are prone to vandalism, we produce impact-resistant luminaires that exceed standard classifications with a rating higher than IK10++. Prisons, police cells, lifts and other places that are prone to aggression or vandalism, should all be sufficiently lit. Luminaires in these areas should obviously be resistant to aggression. We have the in-house option of carrying out extra welding, using heavy materials and adding extra compartments to achieve this.

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