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Mental Health Care (GGZ) Assen hallways

In the new buildings of GGZ (Mental Health Care) Assen FORTO light fixtures are applied. A.o. in corridors and in areas where violence is possible. FORTO is strong and anti vandal built. The GGZ project is installed in stages by Unica and Imtech. Consultant is Haskoning Groningen. Architect is bureau Abel, Eisma and Glas Leeuwarden.

23008-060294 S101 PL10 FORTO Gangzone GGZ Assen.jpg

Because of the high risk of violence and damage FORTO fixtures are applied here. FORTO is very strong because of the welded thick steel rim, gives bright light and fits well in this environment.

Also Van Doorn

23063 S201 VL18 ABRI.jpg 22524 S201 FL20 MITA.jpg 21624 S101 FL20 TRI.jpg 22144 S201 FL40 CONVEX.jpg 22510 S201 FL10 GIORNO.jpg 8666 S101 FL10 ISOL.jpg 9735 S101 FL20 ACEL opbouw met compartiment.jpg 21278 S201 FL10 ECO.jpg

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