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Judicial centre Houten

In the Judicial Centre in Houten BACO fixtures are applied a.o. in traffic areas because of the risk of violence. The technical installations are designed by Sweegers en de Bruijn in ‘s Hertogenbosch, Van Pelt architects have designed this complex.

8627-060108 S101 PL10 BACO Arrestanten complex Houten.jpg

With the application of BACO fixtures it was possible to use products from one family in the different ceiling systems. This caused greater unity.

Also Van Doorn

22974 S201 FL20 TRAPEZIO.jpg 23095 S201 VL50 ANTIS-LED.jpg 22003 S201 FL50 AIM-LED.jpg 22180 S101 FL50 ATTICA DUO.jpg 23190 S201 VL50 CINEA.jpg 21278 S201 FL10 ECO.jpg 23008 S104 FL10 FORTO vrijstaande foto.jpg 21424-070242 S102 PL10 MASTARMATUUR Mast dubbel.jpg

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