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Bridge railing Westersingel Rotterdam

The bicycle and pedestrian bridge on the Westersingel in Rotterdam is designed asymmetric with one polished stainless steel railing and a neutral one. With this solution, the road surface is lit brightly and is the bridge beautifully accented in the dark. The bridge is part of the culture-axis. Near the bridge is a statue by the sculptor Carl Nesjar (1920) to a design by Pablo Picasso.

21265-000113 s201 pl10 brugleuning brugleuning westersingel rotterdam.jpg

The fixture applied here is no standard product, Though, the applied assembly parts are standard in order to reach a proper watertight solution for lighting from bridge railings. Meanwhile, there are also solutions with LE., However, when there really is a need for more light, e.g. Longlife Tl and T5 lamps with a lifespan up to 60,000 hours (or 8 years) is an excellent choice. The asymmetric ALX optic is along with the clear polycarbonate an excellent photometric combination.

Also Van Doorn

21641 S201 FS50 CANALIS.jpg 23006 S201 VL50 SOLIDO.jpg 22772 S201 FL50 DELTA+.jpg 21308 S101 FS50 ATTICA.jpg 21278 S201 FL10 ECO.jpg 21401 S201 FL20 BIANCA.jpg 22955 S101 VL10 GIUSTO inbouwversie.jpg 21987 S101 FL50 ALCOR.jpg

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