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Corridors IC medical facility

In the corridors CORONA fixtures are applied with two different light sources. Compact lamps for bright light during the day. At night the LEDs burn. There is enough light for all functions during 24 hours a day. A sustainable solution. The ellipsoid shape and transparent edge give this fixture an unique appearance.

22596-000000 S202 PL32 CORONA Gang VDC.jpg

The impact resistant, opal and wide-angle hood has a ellipsoid shape and is mounted with a oval heavy steel ring. Around the ring the edge of the hood lights up, creating a fun accent. The hood is mounted with snake-eye or hex head bolts and is impact resistant. With longlife and compact lamps or led, it is a durable, energy-efficient and vandal resistant lighting. This fixture with coloured LED can also be deployed on platforms, in parking garage,s as pedestrian zone marking or as wall fixtures in stairwells.

Also Van Doorn

22945 S201 FS50 FRONTON-LED.jpg 22955 S101 VL10 GIUSTO inbouwversie.jpg 23059 S101 VL10 FLYER.jpg 22524 S201 FL20 MITA.jpg 22144 S201 FL40 CONVEX.jpg 22510 S201 FL10 GIORNO.jpg 21209-080157 S101 PL40 AURA Winkelcentrum.jpg 21624 S101 FL20 TRI.jpg

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