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Facade uplighting in shoppingcentre Plauen

For the lighting of the façade ECOs are mounted in the floors near the façade. Over the ECO floor fixture can be driven (5 tons with pneumatic tires). There may also be mounted spots of various manufacturers. The illumination of the shopping centre "Stadt Plauen Gallery" in Germany is designed by Philips AEG and in cooperation with Philips equipped with emitters. Now also doable with LED spots.


With ECO façade details can be lit from the floor. This leads to beautiful reinforcing effects on the architecture and to a cozy ambience. Over the ECO floor fixtures can be driven (5 tons with pneumatic tires). The ATTICA-DUO can be incorporated but it is well suited for large emitters of other manufacturers. Especially the PHILIPS spots a.o. (Decoflood 616) is often applied. The tempered thick glass can be equipped with anti-slip-cams. The polished stainless steel frame is equipped with ventilation holes. Good drainage is required around the ECO.

Also Van Doorn

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