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Tramstation IJsselstein

We realized this project together with Croon. The SLODO fixtures are deployed as up-and downlight. Here we have made coloured stainless steel brackets to fit the fixtures to the pillars.

21703-070024 S201 PL60 SLODO Tramstation IJsselstein.jpg

Longlife, low maintenance and economical and good light color, these are the qualifications for the QL lamp. The SLODO is built around this lamp. By the use of stainless steel and by the very high quality optics and tempered glass shielding is the ALX suitable for inside and outside usage. These fixtures hang already for 7 years in the hall or ailway station Sloterdijk. Beaming directly and indirectly. There are also QL lamps of a lower power. For this tram station Van Doorn has tailor-made the clamp brackets for the existing pillars. Brackets and armature were lacquered in colour.

Also Van Doorn

21987 S101 FL50 ALCOR.jpg 8666 S101 FL10 ISOL.jpg 9735 S101 FL20 ACEL opbouw met compartiment.jpg 22768-070451 S101 PL20 BIOSUN gezond licht in ouderenzorg.jpg 22738 S101 FL13 WELO inleg systeemplafond.jpg 21703 S201 FL60 SLODO.jpg 22945 S201 FS50 FRONTON-LED.jpg 23008 S104 FL10 FORTO vrijstaande foto.jpg

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