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Parking in Enschede

In Van Heek parking under the centre, much attention has been given to good lighting, alternation and recognisability of zones. The STELLA was here an excellent choice, a round fixture with high efficiency and IK10. Here, by lighting, a nice garage is realized in cooperation with TRI.

21640-010027 S201 PL20 STELLA Parkeergarage Van Heek Enschede.jpg

As can be seen on the projectphoto, STELLA is very suitable for use in spaces where vandalism (IK10 ++) and water density come together. They hang In this garage for nearly 10 years. The light sources are just renewed by longlife lamps leaving hardly any maintenance needed. Stella can also be equiped with an opalescent hood. Meanwhile the LED versionis available. LED and STELLA is a tingling combination, highly effective, economical, and durable. Low energy use and a good lighting efficiency.

Also Van Doorn

8744 S201 VL10 ROBY.jpg 22524 S201 FL20 MITA.jpg 21640 S201 FS50 STELLA.jpg 20044 S101 FS10 BRICK-PRO.jpg 21424-070242 S102 PL10 MASTARMATUUR Mast dubbel.jpg 22510 S201 FL10 GIORNO.jpg 22974 S201 FL20 TRAPEZIO.jpg 21239 S201 FS50 FRONTON.jpg

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