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Esserheem penitentiary facility Veenhuizen

The penitentiary facility Esserheem in Veenhuizen is renovated with attention for sustainable solutions and with impact-resistant products. The impact-proof fixtures TRAPEZIO and BIG STELLA for traffic areas and SOLIDO for the wet cell. With the RGD (Government Buildings Agency) we worked together to prepare the renovation (lighting) and to generate solutions for good light with minimal energy-consumption. Pranger-Rosier Installations was in charge for a perfect execution.

22974-090298 S201 PL20 TRAPEZIO PI Esserheem.jpg

Trapezio and TRI are strongly related fixtures. The Trapezio has two-lamps and contains thus much more lighting capacity. This was the solution for the traffic areas of the penitentiary facilities in Veenhuizen. The existing light points could be used. On the varnished galvanised steel underbody components are mounted which are covered by a reflector. The polycarbonate hood is fully enclosed by the bottom plate and endpanels, this creates a ultra-rugged impact-resistant box construction. The endpanels are secured with stainless steel bolts with so-called. snake-eye bits making them impossible to disassemble without the right tool. Bud wiring and additional circuits are among the possibilities of this product. Bottom plate, endpanels and bolt heads are often lacquered in color RAL 9006.

Also Van Doorn

22932-070451 S101 PS40 PIGNE Gangzone.jpg 22955 S101 VL10 GIUSTO inbouwversie.jpg 22524 S201 FL20 MITA.jpg 21641 S201 FS50 CANALIS.jpg 20044 S101 FS10 BRICK-PRO.jpg 22180 S101 FL50 ATTICA DUO.jpg 21209-080157 S101 PL40 AURA Winkelcentrum.jpg 22160 S201 FL40 CONCAVE.jpg

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