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School De Masten in Den Bosch

Rehousing of the school “de Masten”, along with a preschool and extracurricular care became the child and a neighbourhood centre "de Meerlaer". With WELO classroom lighting each school work surface can be well lit. The light distribution also makes workstations in the peripheral zone of the classroom possible. KUIN & KUIN architects have designed this beautiful complex.

22738-090133 S101 PL13 WELO Werklokaal Masten Maliskamp.jpg

The lighting plan of “de Masten” in Maliskamp is in good cooperation with consultant Schollen quickly created, calculated and evaluated. Our proposals led to a plan where a contemporary lighting installation is created with beautiful accents including PIGNE and MAPO fixtures. In the classrooms WELO classroom fixture fine. Van Santvoort E-a functional and beautiful lighting installation realized installations here.

Also Van Doorn

8666 S101 FL10 ISOL.jpg 22799 S201 FL32 LUMO.jpg 21424-070242 S102 PL10 MASTARMATUUR Mast dubbel.jpg 22003 S201 FL50 AIM-LED.jpg 20044 S101 FS10 BRICK-PRO.jpg 22180 S101 FL50 ATTICA DUO.jpg 23008 S104 FL10 FORTO vrijstaande foto.jpg 21239 S201 FS50 FRONTON.jpg

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