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Penitentiary facility (PI) in Veenhuizen

The penitentiary facility Norgerhaven is renovated with attention for sustainable solutions and with impact-resistant products. The impact-proof fixtures TRAPEZIO and BACO for traffic areas and SOLIDO for the wet cell. With the Rijksgebouwendienst (Government Buildings Agency) we worked together to prepare the renovation (lighting) and to generate solutions for good light with minimal energy-consumption. Pranger-Rosier Installations was in charge for a perfect execution.

23006-090298 S201 PL50 SOLIDO PI Norgerhaven.jpg

The need in a number of projects for an impact resistant fixture above wash basins has led to the SOLIDO. This fixture has an opalescent impact resistant polycarbonate shielding which is locked in by the endpanels. This has emerged as a waterproof construction. The endpanels are secured with stainless steel snake-eye bolts. With the heavy wall plate and the 4 mounting points the fixture is suitable for cells in penetantiary facilities but also for lighting in porches with vandal risk. Additional options are a switch and a waterproof wall socket. Please note that this option is not always allowed in close distance to a tap or showerhead.

Also Van Doorn

21624 S101 FL20 TRI.jpg 22596 S201 FL30 CORONA.jpg 22222 S101 VL50 CIMA.jpg 23053 S101 VL50 IMPACT CORNER.jpg 22510 S201 FL10 GIORNO.jpg 23059 S101 VL10 FLYER.jpg 21641 S201 FS50 CANALIS.jpg 21048 S101 FL20 IMPACT.jpg

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