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Gelre hospital Zutphen resting room

In a section of the Gelre hospital our compact bed reading lamp CINEA is applied. Because the lighting can be switched on for a longtime, energy-efficient compact longlifelamps have been chosen. The fixture radiates directly and indirectly creating a good atmosphere. Haskoning and Wiecherink Architects realized the design for this beautiful project. E-consultant was Enervisie Winterswijk. Unica installed the E-installation.

23190-080038 S201 PL50 CINEA Gelre Ziekenhuis.jpg

CINEA is an energy-efficient wall light, suitable for placement near beds or as energy efficient wall lights in corridors. A switch is optional. Colour can make the armature a striking detail.

Also Van Doorn

22144 S201 FL40 CONVEX.jpg 21641 S201 FS50 CANALIS.jpg 23053 S101 VL50 IMPACT CORNER.jpg 9735 S101 FL20 ACEL opbouw met compartiment.jpg 23095 S201 VL50 ANTIS-LED.jpg 22952 S101 VL50 IJSSEL.jpg 22738 S101 FL13 WELO inleg systeemplafond.jpg 21703 S201 FL60 SLODO.jpg

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