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Visualisation for a shopping centre

The entrance of this shopping centre had to be more inviting. In the shopping area extra atmosphere wa desired which is realized by use of small circular opalescent chandeliers. The NOVA is used as the basis for the calculations and visualizations. For the shopping street at the entrance we created an "Artist Impressions" to visualize the maximum effects. NOVA is a small AURA.

23152-100204 m101 vl00 nova lichtplan entree winkelcentrum.jpg

Our factory has many capabilities and is therefore tailor-made for big and small series. Sometimes we modify standard products (FLYER) to make them fit well in the roof of a platform. We also make lighting that exactly does what the architect meant with his design and than realize those plans in cooperation with the consultant and the installer. Customized work should be well prepared. The preliminary draft of the optics gives insight into the light distribution and efficiency. Visualizations and light calculations provide for a good picture of the results.

Also Van Doorn

22222 S101 VL50 CIMA.jpg 22955 S101 VL10 GIUSTO inbouwversie.jpg 19852 S101 FL10 RABO.jpg 23095 S201 VL50 ANTIS-LED.jpg 22772 S201 FL50 DELTA+.jpg 21278 S201 FL10 ECO.jpg 22596 S201 FL30 CORONA.jpg 22180 S101 FL50 ATTICA DUO.jpg

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