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Nice welding for specials

Of the different welding techniques is the welding of thin plate with shielding gas is the most beautiful and most widely used technique for seams and shapes. Different types of metal can be welded with this technique. Our experts will closed the seams so that post processing is minimal. With this craftsmanship and our experience we realise unusual forms over and over again. Other frequently used techniques are spot and butt welding applied a.o. for invisible connections.

23317-110000 F101 WL00 LASSEN lassen TIG.jpg

We produce lighting in our own factory and use our network of co-manufacturers. So we can answer any question. Sheet metal work for the standard fixtures; force and bending for high-quality mirror optics; bronze casting for the renovation of the antique lighting of a Antwerp party room; laser cutting of plates and tubes; extrusion of aluminium profiles (CIMA) and impact-resistant plastic hoods (VELO); welding of stainless steel (IMPACT); we apply the best technique for each product. In our own factory we have excellent craftsmen and extensive machinery with which we create the most diverse products. In the paintshop the products are coated with a hard durable coating. In the factory, we produce small and large series. A factory where we convert your lighting ideas into well applicable, sustainable and economical products.

Also Van Doorn

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Van DOORN Lighting | Bellweg 10 | 4104 BJ Culemborg | P.O. Box 5  4100AA Culemborg The Netherlands | T. +31 (0) 345-51 23 47 | F. +31 (0) 345-51 23 85
E-mail vdc@vdc.nl

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