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Van Doorn Lighting is an innovative and creative all-round professional in lighting solutions.

Technique, experience, innovation and creativity are the core values that characterize Van Doorn Lighting and we take pride in them. Whether you are an architect, advisor or electrical installer, our values enable us to work in close collaboration and find the right lighting solution for each project. We offer decorative, functional, shape enhancing and sustainable lighting solutions.  

We listen carefully to your wishes to offer you the best solution. We dedicate a lot of attention to technical requirements and demands, installation techniques and sustainability.   Van Doorn Lighting and sustainability
Nowadays, sustainability seems synonymous with LED. However, we always consider a wider scope of possibilities to find solutions that are truly sustainable and environmentally friendly. LEDs are modern light sources that are a perfect fit in many situations. We always look at the wider scope taking into account your wishes and requirements and the characteristics of the light source to come up with a custom made proposal.
Securing sustainability is synonymous with sustainable projecting. Lighting constitutes a considerable part of the energy consumption of buildings and installations for many years. To produce economical, effective and sustainable lighting has become a necessity. We have embraced this responsibility by designing economical and sustainable lighting, taking the following into account:

Effectiveness of the luminaires

Effectiveness is achieved by a maximum yield of the luminaire (input-output ratio), by an optimal lighting yield (effective usage) and by the correct projecting (positioning of the luminaire in the space), as well as by applying the right light source and using drivers with low yield losses. By using smart controls, the use of daylight is optimised, the presence of people is detected and their use of light in each space scheduled accordingly. This saves a lot of energy.

Energy-efficient lighting installations

In our light plans, luminaires are placed in optimal positions. We make use of sensors and digital DALI controls to make the use of light installations better suited to the needs of our clients and to save energy, for example during off-peak times. We will gladly help you in making your choice as regards cost-efficient maintenance and will make our products fit your needs. This reduces the frequency of maintenance of light sources and drivers. 

Use of raw materials in lighting
Our luminaires are produced in a professional way and will last for decades. At the end of their life span, which is often due to functional changes of the building, they are fully recyclable. Through recycling, metals, synthetic and electronic materials find their way to a new "life". Our professional installers make sure that light sources find their way to the well-organized recycling circuit, where high quality raw materials can be made of use again. To ensure that our products are properly recycled, we are a member of Wecycle.

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